Anne Herrero
Through March 2014
Anne Herrero 

I work in two different series. The first is driven by repeated attempts to reconcile tradition and the rapidly changing landscape of personal history. This series reconstructs emotional and physical spaces through the lens of memory. Using family photographs as my source, I pursue a greater understanding while attempting to reconcile the privilege of maturity with the eventuality of decomposition.

The second series began with the introduction of the figure into these remembered, and largely inanimate, spaces. Initially, I used my family as my models and painted them as they went about their everyday lives; however, as each figure became more symbolic of his/ her immediate environment, I gradually began relinquishing my total fidelity to observed reality. This figurative series now investigates different narrative elements associated with the female form by referencing various historical and cultural roles created for and adopted by women.


The San Anselmo Arts Commissionis proud to sponsor a series of art exhibitions at the Marin Coffee Roasters.



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